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A Decade Of Excellence in the HR Systems & Payroll Outsourcing Industry

pHRism was founded and is managed by a team of HR industry professionals bringing over 80 years of People Systems experience. Our development teams have delivered solutions to over a million (lots of) users in Finance, HR, Payroll and Employee Benefits. We bring a passion for customer service, 
belief that success is driven by operating in partnership with our clients. Delivering real and not sales led values whichare based on trust, flexibility and understanding your needs and challenging when

This isn’t just marketing. We are so determined to add real value to your business that some of our 
assignments were based on a customer paying us according to the % value they felt we had delivered. 
Each chose to pay 100% of the quote given! Our Time Management Apps are also provided on a free evaluation basis.

We don’t have a ‘corporate image’, we don’t employ a ‘certain type’ and we don’t sell ‘our solution’, we sell yours!

We are a group of individuals that work incredibly well as a team; Our experience, personalities and backgrounds are rich and diverse and that leads to creative solutions to unique HR challenges.

We do of course have a business model, a culture, and even some great out of the box products.

We provide unique solutions for every need. We don’t take a one size fits all approach!

We're proud to be specialists

Global industry leaders rely on pHRsim to drive diverse business functions.

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