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From our London HQ to branches in Birmingham and Manchester, Phrism ensures your HR system fits perfectly with your needs.

Decade-Long Expertise in HR Systems

10 years in business. 200+ satisfied clients. Trust in Phrism’s HR system mastery.

Legacy HR System Customisation

At Phrism, we understand the intrinsic value and familiarity that legacy HR systems bring to many businesses. While these platforms may seem outdated, they often hold a wealth of data and processes critical to operations.

Our expertise lies in revitalising such legacy systems, ensuring they align with contemporary HR requirements. Based in London and serving from Birmingham to Manchester, our decade-long experience empowers us to seamlessly customise these systems, enhancing efficiency without disrupting their core essence. Trust in Phrism’s mastery to breathe new life into your legacy HR platform, marrying the old with the new effectively.

HR System Workflow Customisation

In the heart of Phrism’s bespoke offerings is our capability for HR System Workflow Customisation. Operating from our UK based headquarters, we tailor HR workflows to align seamlessly with your business operations. With over a decade in the industry and catering to over 200 clients, we recognise the distinctiveness of each organisation’s processes.

Our dedication is to mould HR workflows to enhance efficacy and reflect your unique operational rhythm. Rely on Phrism’s unrivalled expertise for a tailored HR experience, ensuring seamless, efficient, and holistic human resource management.

Frequently Asked Questions

About our HR System Customization Services

Every project is unique. After understanding your needs, we’ll provide a tailored timeline.
Absolutely, data integrity and safety are our top priorities.
Yes, we offer bespoke solutions for mobile HR apps tailored to your needs.
Yes, ensuring your team is confident using the new tools is vital.
We offer support and modifications as per your evolving needs.
Absolutely, we ensure all solutions are GDPR compliant.
Yes, we integrate with leading platforms and provide hybrid solutions.
We provide continuous support and ensure that customised systems are always updated.
Customisation tailors the system specifically for you, while implementation sets up a system in your environment.
Yes, we believe in understanding our clients needs first and that’s why we offer a free consultation sessions.

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out to us for more details & also get a free consulting session with our experts.

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